Jeff Collins PGA

Jeff Collins was born and raised in California before moving to the east coast in 2008. He is a Class A member of the PGA and attended school at New Mexico State, where he went through the PGM program.  In March of 2009, he was elected to the PGA Membership. He has been playing the wonderful game of Golf for almost 25 years, and has been in the golf industry since 1999. Jeff’s first job was as an Assistant at a Driving Range in Santa Barbara, California. Since that time, he has worked at a few different Private Clubs as a 1st Assistant before spending a little time in the retail division of the Golf Industry.  He joined the staff at Ash Brook in August of 2012 and is happy to bring his knowledge of the game, and teaching philosophy, with him.

Jeff’s swing philosophy is simple, less moving parts enables all players to get the club face back to square. This will promote a better ball strike, as well as more consistent shots. He works with his students to find out what their goals and expectations are.  Once they both understand those expectations, he starts with the basic fundamentals (grip, stance and alignment). There is no such thing as a cookie cutter swing.  All individuals are unique and Jeff’s approach is to make the golf swing fit them, not make them fit the swing.  Stop in and say hello! He would love to spend some time speaking with you about the game of golf.