2017 Junior Ash Brook Spring, Summer, and

Fall Golf Coaching Program

Gurannteed to help Junior Golfers win competitions, and reach their goals!

We play golf in the rain!

We play golf in the rain!


 Congrats to Coach Jason Blonder on 

2016 US Kids Golf Top 50 Kids Teachers

Honorable Mention!





Coach Jason Blonder will be running

Junior coaching programs on

Saturday's, and Sundays with two teams.

- We will have 7:00 am to 10:00 am

Saturday sessions for Advanced / Intermediate 

Juniors that are playing compettive golf,

or are trying to play compettive golf.

- The 7:00 am to 10:00 am Sunday session will be

designed for Beginner to Intermediate Juniors that

have no experience to almost ready to 

graduate to the more Advanced program.


Program Runs 9 Saturdays and Sundays

Spring Dates start 03.04.17 - 05.07.17

Each Program will have a max 6 Students

Ages 6 to 17


The Advanced / Intermediate Program will start with

a On Course assesment at 7:00 am on March 4th. 

After the 1st playing assestment the Swing Plane Score

Cards system will be utilized to track stats of each

players. We then determine the appropriate game plan

for each team member to lower scores.



Juniors will recieve both one on one personal

instruction, and a team based coaching environment.

Every other week we are on the course in

a team coaching environment


Please arrive 15 Minutes early before assesments.


Each Junior can schedule one round on their own time

with our GAME GOLF Stat Tracking Technology. After 

this round a full analysis of the round will be provided

by Coach Jason to determine exactly where the Junior

Golfer can lower their score. During skill sessions we 

will split practice between the performance side,

and technique side. With regards to performance

we will work to improve the 9 Human Skills

from the Vision54 Coaching plan improving the

Physical, Emotional, and Mental side. 


For golf swing technique improvment I utilize the 

Flight Scope Elite X2 LaunchMonitor, K-Vest

Bio Mechanics / Kinematic Sequence

Training training system, V1 Swing Video

Capture with 240 Frame Rate, and Focus Band

will be available for training the technique.


Coach Jason has designed this program to help the 

Junior Golfer achieve a NCAA Scholarship. 


Topics Covered in Advanced / Intermediate Program

- 5 Keys of the Golf Swing

- Lowest Score Wins Scoring Strategies

- Vision54 Performance Concepts

- The Swing Body Connection

- Bio Mechanics / Kinematic Sequence Power Training

- Anaylazing Stats to Determine Areas of Improvement

- Focus Band to develop Mental Stategy behind the ability to visualize your shots. How to get in the zone.

- Understading your Swing Plane / Swing Path 


The Sunday Beginner to Intermediate  Program will

operate in the same manner as the Saturday coaching

program. Clubs can be provided if the Junior does not

have yet. Our beginner program will work to build a

new students fundamentals. Coach Jason will start

with the full swing covering  Grip, Posutre, Ball

Position, Advanced Posutre, Alignment, Aim, and

Impact Fundamentals. 


Through out the beginner program will introduce all

facets of the game including etiquette, golf

terminalogy, the USGA Rules of Golf, course 

management / strategies, mental approach, how to

practice, in game basics, and Golf Fitness.


Apon Signing Up Coach Jason will email each parent a

link to a DISC Personality Test to better

help the Coaches, Parents, and Players learn more on

who the human is behind the Golfer. DISC gives

us great insights on how each student is best

challenged, and how best recieves coaching.



 Choose the Dates, and the sessions your intending 

when making your purchase.


- $1200 For the Full 9 

Weeks every Saturday, and Sunday 

Starting March 6th, and March 7th


- $650 For the Half 

Program includes any 4 Saturdays


- $330 for two Saturday or Sunday Sessions.

Program includes one on course playing assesment

date, and one skills building session.




Please send our Pro Jason Blonder an email if

    you have any questions regarding the

   Spring, Summer, and Fall Junior Golf Program.


Coach Jason Cell # - 516-982-2171



The Spring, Summer, and Fall Junior Golf

Program will entitle more detailed golf

instruction with an emphasis towards

learning, lowering scores, and building the

skills to have more fun playing golf. Our

Junior Golf Summer Camp is designed more

towards Fun, Friends, Fundamentals,

Introduction to Competition, and

Growth of the Game.


What we provide?

- Safe, and Fun Environment

- PGA Golf Instructors

- Medicus 5sk Instructor Certified

- Jason Blonder is TPI Level 1 

Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

(Titleist Performance Institute)

- Coach Jason is US Kids Golf Certified

- Jason is Level One K-Vest Certified

- Coach Jason has attended Vision54 Coaching Program

- Latest Golf Instructional Technology





- Advanced Certifications


- Each Junior is put through our a TPI 

Based Golf Fitness Program to help 

improve each student's atheltic ability

to develop improved balance, tempo,

and tension control.


Flight Scope Elite X2 Launch Monitor

- Provides 3D View of the Swing Path

- Captures Club Head Speed, Learn Club

Distances, and work with our Focus Band

for Mental Game Improvement.




- K-Vest Biomechanics, and Kinematic

Sequence Power Training. Measure,

Assess, Coach, and Train.


- Highly recommended by all to learn more

about Vision54 with Founders Pia Nilsson,

and Lynn Marriot. Click the logo above to go

their website!


- Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriot in Coach

Jason's opinion, and by Golf Digest in 2012

are the #1, and #2 Women Instructors in

the world. Coach Jason will be proud to

share much of their knowledge in the Ash

Brook Junior Coaching Program. We want to

bring the game back to its fundamental of

learning to perform on the golf course, and

having the most fun time doing it!


Both Pia and Lynn have had a storied

careers coaching LPGA players Suzan

Pettersen, Ai Miyazato, Na Yeon Choi,

Brittany Lang, and PGA Tour players Kevin

Streelman, Hunter Mahan.  I am very

excited to present their fun concepts, and

help many students find their "True Spirt of

the Game of Golf".


- Vision54 Coaching concepts

covered in the program


We work to improve the students physical,

mental, and emotional performance skills.

From the start we will have each studnet

improve their Balance, Tempo, and Tension

for the physical side. "Always Check your

BTT  first!" from (Play Your Best Golf

Now") Highly recommend clicking the

above link and reading their book!


Does your technique need improvment or 

does the human skills affect your 

peformance? Did the poor finish in the Golf

swing happen due to the bad technique,

or was the pure lack of balance causing

the poor technique. Everyone can say at one

point they've hit a good golf shot.

We coach the juniors to find their own

individual best performance states. We

build their peroformance skills with their

current abilities first over changing their

technique right away. 



- Game Golf Stat Tracking Technology

Learn Exactly where you can improve!




-  Optishot 2 Golf Simulator for indoor

practice to work towards

technique development.



- Focus BandMental Game Training with Flight Scope. Learn how to create

your best performance state. "Being in the Zone".



- V1 Golf Swing Video Analysis with

240 Frame Rate Capture for

crystal clear video of the golf swing. 


- Par 3, and 18 Hole Course

- Short Game Area, and Range

- Exercise, and Golf Fitness Program designed to

develop Balance, Tempo, and Tension Conrol

- Parents Access thru Social Media

- Fun, and Latest Innovative

Approaches to teaching Juniors

- Indoor Advanced Practice through

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator