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Over head view of golf course 

Ed Doran

Monday, November 19th  
Hole: 9th Distance: 154 yards
Club: 5-iron Witness: Harry Chan

Ron Gaudio

Monday, September 17th  
Hole: 13th Distance: 137 yards
Club: 7-iron Witness: Joe Falbo

John Guish

Monday, August 6th  
Hole: 9th Witness: Arthur Pinkus,
Club: Rescue Jack Leitch and Bob Burkant

Randy Fisher

Monday, July 30th  
Hole: 9th Distance: 134 yards
Club: 5-iron Witness: David Bruckner, Peter Lipke

AJ Pinho

Wednesday, June 27th  
Hole: 4th Distance: 195 yards
Club: 6-iron Witness: Trevor Terpanick, Mike Russo

James Kish

Tuesday, May 8th  
Hole: 4th Distance: 174 yards
Club: 7-wood Witness: F. Faulkner, P. Yannell, F. Miano